Maintenance Visit

$150 per session

What’s Included

Maintenance Visit

Meet one-on-one with your physician to weigh-in and learn the fundamentals crucial for staying at your goal weight.


• Optimize as needed: In each virtual appointment, you will meet with your doctor to review progress, discuss what’s working well and where you are having challenges. Your physician will review maintenance curriculum focused on how to maintain your current weight, for good.

• Outcome-focused: Depending on patient need, follow-up appointment can be as short as 10 minutes or as long as 20 minutes. We are here to support you get you to goal weight by empowering you with the tools, resources and knowledge for success all while being as convenient as possible.

• Convenient: We (virtually) come to you. . And no, we are not offended that you’d rather spend time chatting with friends that chatting with us. We are laser-focused on our mission to stabilize your body at your new weight and ensure that you have balanced all biomarkers necessary for permanent success and optimal health.

Maintenance Curriculum

After each maintenance visit, you will receive curriculum and chef-designed recipes, as appropriate and as desired.


• Empowerment through education: We strongly believe in empowering you with the knowledge, skills and tools to get to your dream weight, and stay there for good. In order to achieve this goal, you need to understand the science and knowledge behind weight loss.

• Lasting success: When you understand how the food you put on your plate and into your body sets you up for success (or not), you're free to make the best choices for your body.

• No need to obsess over every meal or count calories. (We don’t do that here). Through our curriculum, you will learn a structure that works best for your body. With this knowledge, you can make decisions to ensure you feel full, elongate your blood sugar curve, and have the nutrients you need to feel great throughout the day.

Terms of Service

• Purchase 1 visit at a time for $150 per session.


• Changes and cancellations must be done 48h prior to appointment. Changes made within 48h will be charged a $30 fee. No shows are charged in full.


• Fee includes one follow-up visit with physician as well as educational material. If needed, supplements, medication and food not included.


• All services are non-refundable. Should you decide to discontinue with the program for any reason, outstanding appointments or curriculum cannot be refunded as packages are final sale. Changes and cancellations must be done 48h prior to appointment. Changes made within 48h will be charged a $30 fee. Changes made within 10h will be charged 50% of appointment cost. No shows are charged in full. Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are happy to help. 

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