Restart Package: Restart Visit + Medical Assessment

Last visit +2 months: $199 restart visit including $50 deposit

Last visit +4 months: $332 restart including $50 deposit

What’s Included

We follow the latest research, and constantly update our methods as new, scientifically based therapies emerge. If it has been more than 2 months since your last visit, your medical team will need to review all past bloodwork in order to design your reboot phase and update your personalized plan. After 4 months, your medical team will need to completely redesign your plan based on new bloodwork labs.


Why? Our bodies are constantly changing. In order to maximize weight loss, your plan needs to accurately reflect your current hormonal and metabolic rates.

Restart Visit

Meet one-on-one with your physician to start your reboot program with Diata Health.


• In this appointment, you will review the fundamentals of our holistic, bio-individual approach to weight loss and speak with your physician about your current medical history, lifestyle factors, and health goals.  

• This appointment is approx. 30 minutes and conducted virtually. We (virtually) come to you.


During this time, you will review the following:


How the Diata Health program works:

• Our bio-individual approach to weight loss and science-backed Diata Health blueprint.

• We partner with the leading experts in medical weight loss, food engineering, and behavior change to ensure that the latest, cutting-edge research is integrated into our program.

• In addition to reviewing the fundamentals, you will discuss new additions to the program since you were here last.


Build out your health profile with up-to-date health metrics

• Medical history, including current and past medical problems

• Current medications and supplements

• Allergy history

• Food preferences (vegan, Kosher, lactose intolerance, etc.)

• Current diet: what you eat daily, meals and snacks, times you eat, problem or challenging times for food

• BMI metrics: height, present weight and goal weight

• Activity: your current exercise patterns

• Circadian rhythm: timing of eating and sleep patterns

• Any additional information you would like to share with the doctor


Begin the Reboot Phase of the Diata Health program:

• Created specifically for restart patients, this phase of the program is designed to boost your metabolism and prepare your body to burn off excess fat in Phase 2.

• How? Through food chemistry, we begin to reset metabolic and hormonal imbalances, heal your gut lining, and burn through excess carbs and glycogen stores so moving forward your mitochondria tap into excess fat stores for energy.

• What to expect: In addition to losing weight, you will notice less cravings, a boost of energy, and reduction in brain fog as we begin to even out your blood sugar curve and transition your body to be fat adapted. 

• This portion of the program revs the engine so to speak (eg., your metabolism) and begins to heal your body from the within. Typically, this phase lasts two weeks. Depending on your doctor’s recommendation, the duration may be adjusted in length of time.

Medical Assessment

Based on your comprehensive medical testing, our medical team works together to redesign your personalized plan.


• We focus on a myriad of different biomarkers including hormonal and metabolic imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. Based on these findings and your health bio, the team works together to design a personalized plan that will maximize weight loss and optimize your health.

• Extensive testing: In order to optimize your health, we look at factors related to metabolic health, hormonal health, gut health and stress. Additionally, we look at nutrient deficiencies, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and inflammation markers as all impact satiety, your ability to lose weight, and capacity to keep extra weight off.

Post Visit Curriculum

After your visit, you will receive curriculum and chef-designed recipes, as appropriate and if desired.


• A core part of this program is empowerment through education. We strongly believe in empowering you with the knowledge, skills and tools to get to your dream weight, and stay there for good.

• Through this program, you will learn the science and knowledge to set you up for success for life.

Terms of Service

• Fee includes restart visit, medical team assessment session (patient not present), and educational material.


• If needed, supplements, medication and food not included. These items are all available via our online store should you be interested in getting ‘a taste’ of our program.


• A $50 deposit is required to reserve your spot. This $50 is put towards your first visit fee of $199 or $332 (depending on time since last appointment). Eg., on the day of your appointment, you will be billed the remaining $149 or $282. 


• All packages are non-refundable. Should you decide to discontinue with the program for any reason, outstanding appointments or curriculum cannot be refunded as packages are final sale. Changes and cancellations must be done 48h prior to appointment. Changes made within 48h will be charged a $30 fee. Changes made within 10h will be charged 50% of appointment cost. No shows are charged in full. Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are happy to help.

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