Get your personalized plan.

Based on the results of your comprehensive medical testing and bloodwork, designed specifically for you and your metabolism.


Understand your biometrics.

Learn how your unique body functions and understand the results of your comprehensive testing and labs.


Track progress and optimize.

Meet virtually with your medical team every two weeks to adjust and optimize your program.


Get treatment quickly & discreetly.

Use prescription medications – such as GLP-1s – to help you reach your goal.


Get to goal and keep off the weight.

Achieve lasting weight loss with maintenance appointments. Learn how to deal with the challenges of maintenance and help your body adjust to its new set point – to keep the weight off, for good.

96% of patients lose weight with Diata.

I've struggled with my weight all of my life.

I have PCOS and an elevated A1C that I was never previously able to get down. Happy to say I DID IT!

Mara M.

Narberth, PA

Game changing.

I used to be able to eat whatever I'd like but a few years back that changed (menopause and insulin resistance).

After working with Diata, the weight started melting off.

Maureen L.

Wayne, PA

I feel awesome, look awesome and every day is a joyful one. 

I'm 74 years old and feel 40.

Carolyn F.

Upper Darby, PA


I lost the weight, but I also lost the bloat, fatigue, migraines, skin blemishes, and never ending stomach issues. 

I gained back my confidence and energy.

Cara M.

Oreland, PA

I just reached my goal weight (that I thought would never happen) and kept going.

I feel amazing and highly recommend!

Julie S.

Boston, MA

I am a 'volume eater' ... I love to eat. Simple as that.

I eat more now than I used to and lost +67lbs.

John E.

Haverford, PA

My leptin and ghrelin hormones were out of control.

Before Diata, I tried every diet invented. Keto, Noom, WW, Optavia, blood type diet, you name it, I've been there. We addressed my hormones and *finally* losing the lbs!

Mary Anne W.

Philadelphia, PA

My blood sugar used to be over 11. It is now at 5.4.

I’ve lost over 50lbs, my bloodwork is coming into line beautifully and I’m not even at goal yet. 


John L.

Jenkintown, PA

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