Our Philosophy

A healthier world is a better world. 

We are a team of optimists. We believe in the power of personal transformation and human potential. When you feel your best, you perform your best and can change the future of the world.

At Diata Health, our mission is to help you nourish your body and get to your healthy and happy weight, once and for all.

Our team is comprised of award-winning physicians, chefs, and behavior psychologists who hail from around the country. Based on cutting-edge research, we developed a weight loss blueprint which is tailored to each individual — your biometrics, medical condition, lifestyle habits, and target goal weight — in order to set you up for success.

The Team

Meet the founding team
Program Founder and Lead Physician

Dr. Winifred Constable

Dr. Constable developed the Diata Health program after helping close friends and family lose weight and keep it off for good. Dr. Constable has won numerous awards for treating obesity and is recognized as a thought-leader in the field of bariatric medicine.

| Voted ‘Best Weight Loss Doctor’ for 6 years running.

CEO and Co-Founder

Caroline Ulstrup

Optimist and food-lover on a mission to make losing weight an enjoyable journey of self-care.

| Columbia University and MIT graduate.

Core Values

Good For The World

A portion of every sale is donated.

Location & hours

The Clinic | 735 Old Lancaster Road, Bryn Mawr PA

Appointment Hours

Mon: 8:30am - 6pm

Tues: 8:30am - 6pm

Wed: 8:30am - 9pm

Thurs: 8:30am - 6pm

Fri: 8:30am - 1:30pm

Curbside Pick-Up

Mon: 8:30am - 7pm

Tues: 8:30am - 7pm

Wed: 8:30am - 7pm

Thurs: 8:30am - 7pm

Fri: 9:30am - 1pm