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while staying on plan

Let's chat about how to stay on plan this holiday season.

The holiday season is here! We love this time of year but know it can be challenging to enjoy all of the festivities while staying on plan. With this in mind, we're sharing some of our go-to tricks to help you feel your best while celebrating with your loved ones.

 Enjoy yourself! Be mindful of portion size make sure you are eating the foods you really enjoy at Thanksgiving. If something doesn’t taste as good as you imagined, don’t be afraid to ditch it! Politely leave the food to the side. If it's not wonderful, it's not worth it. 

Dress for success: put on your favorite comfortable, yet form fitting outfit as a reminder of how far you’ve come with weight loss and where you will be going! 

Fill up on the good stuff: fill up on healthy proteins in advance of parties and celebrations so that you are not starving when you arrive at a celebratory event. Do not put yourself in a situation where your willpower is being put to the test. Set yourself up for success! 

Have a backup plan: keep some healthy snacks on hand so you can keep hunger pangs at bay. The holidays inevitably will have some happy chaos: the turkey takes longer to cook (opps! been there!), your guests stay later than planned, or there is nothing to eat at your neighbor's holiday party. Prep some snacks in advance so you'll have something on-hand to enjoy without going off on plan. My favorites: protein pretzels and raw veggies tossed into a stash bag, a pineapple shake mix that I can toss into a water bottle or make into a quick pineapple vodka cocktail, or a hot chocolate with marshmallows for a warm, winter treat. 

Sit down to eat: with all of the holiday excitement, it is easy to graze your way through meals. A handful of nuts here, a few bites of cookies there … it all adds up! You will feel physically and psychologically more satiated if you pause and sit down to enjoy a meal rather than mindlessly grazing through the day.

Mocktails: experiment with low sugar mocktails to pair with dinner such as seltzer or a diet cranberry juice with fresh cranberries/orange slices as toppers. You’ll save yourself the wine bloat and headache the next day.

Focus on what really matters: the conversation, the people you’re spending time with, and your favorite foods. Let's not snack our way through three meals before we even sit down to eat! Take a deep breathe and enjoy this special time and really cherish on what matters most.  

From the whole team at Diata, we wish you and your loved ones a healthy and joyous holiday!