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Sustained weight care is more than numbers on a scale. Hear from Diata members on what they love most about the weight care program.

Patient Success Story

Cara M.

“Your weight affects so many aspects of your life – your physical health, emotional health, your intimacy, your social life. You will be amazed at what you are capable of accomplishing by sticking with the program. The weight literally melts off.” 

Age: 35

Gender: female


How did you hear about us? A coworker had great success with Dr. Constable and encouraged me!

Starting weight: 174.2 lbs

End weight: 134.2 lbs


What drove you to start the Diata program? I was miserable and totally preoccupied with my weight.  I had tried and failed to lose weight so many times.  I tried calorie counting apps like MyFitnessPal and Noom. I tried fad diets like Advocare.  I had expensive gym memberships and a Peloton bike. No amount of calorie counting or exercise was moving the scale. I would be “good” all week and then have a cheat day over the weekend and yo-yo the same 5 lbs. It was defeating to deprive myself all week, eat “normally” over the weekend, put 5 lbs back on, and start the cycle all over again on Monday morning.  I was bloated, had chronic belly issues, and I was always tired. I hated seeing myself in pictures.  My clothes were tight and uncomfortable. I needed to buy the next size up (again) and I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I started the program a week before my 34th birthday as a gift to myself and so I didn’t go into another year feeling helpless to make a lasting change.


What tips, pieces of advice, or words of encouragement helped make you successful? Identify your support. My boyfriend is so engaged and encouraging. He basically does the program with me except he doesn’t restrict the ounces he eats and sometimes he still has dessert, but I was always a salty/crunchy craver so that doesn’t tempt me. We always cooked together, but having him eat the same things as me makes it easier to stick to the program instead of having foods around that I can’t have. Be honest with yourself and with Dr. Constable and Nicole during your visits. Some days, weeks, or times of the year are going to be harder than others. Be prepared for situations with food that are outside of your control  like parties and restaurants. Read the articles. “How to survive a dinner party” is my bible! You can still go out and have a good time, eat delicious food, and stay on program!


No BLTs – bites, licks, or tastes.  And I agree with Dr. Constable… the dessert is never as good as it looks.


Most challenging part of the program and why? Saying “I can’t eat that” to the food pushers in my life. My dad loves to cook and makes a lot of carb-heavy dishes.  Sometimes I felt like when people saw me making healthy choices, especially at dinner parties, they would question why I wouldn’t just indulge since it was the weekend, a celebration, etc.  Sometimes it could get really frustrating.


My other challenge is when I became essentially immobile 6 months into the program. I had a bulging disc in my back and walking let alone exercising was excruciating in January – March 2022.  I ultimately had a microdisectomy in March 2022 that was a huge success. I was scared my weight loss would stop (or worse, I would gain) since I couldn’t exercise. I knew I had to be strict and stay on program leading up to surgery and during recovery. I stuck to the program and I still lost weight during those months!


Favorite meals or products that helped you to stay on track? My favorite recipes are the smoothies! I didn’t think I would like them when I saw the base was frozen zucchini and frozen cauliflower, but they are awesome and great on hot days! I also love the mushroom noodles as a pasta replacement! The texture was a little odd at first, but now I really love them!


What changes have you noticed in your day to day health since losing the weight? So many things! I’ve lost TWO Thanksgiving turkeys!  When I think about my weight loss in that context I cannot believe how long I carried around so much extra weight. I feel SO much better. I have so much more energy.  I used to be a migraine sufferer, and I haven’t had one since changing my diet. The KP on my arms is significantly improved. My tummy issues have resolved. I was definitely having an inflammatory reaction to things in my diet (processed carbs and dairy) that was really taking its toll. I don’t miss them and I feel great! 


If you could give advice to someone who is just starting out on the program or on the fence about starting, what would it be?  Make yourself your top priority.  Your weight affects so many aspects of your life – your physical health, emotional health, your intimacy, your social life.  You can’t put off regaining control. You will be amazed at what you are capable of accomplishing by sticking with the program. The weight literally melts off.