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Sustained weight care is more than numbers on a scale. Hear from Diata members on what they love most about the weight care program.

Michael G.

"Learn to take a compliment, say thank you, and let it sink in that
you’re doing GREAT and deserve to be proud of yourself!"

Age: 72

Starting weight: 210

End weight: 160

How did you hear about us? A close friend who is still in the program.


What drove you to start the Diata program?

I just was determined to change my approach to food, exercise, and healthy living. 


What tips, pieces of advice, or words of encouragement helped make you successful? 

I basically am driven by something I learned from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People many years ago: make sure your values are in alignment with your actions. While I said I valued my family, not taking care of myself, was not helping my family or myself. I also saw so many folks in the pandemic get sick and regret not getting vaccinated or taking care of themselves. As I get older, I appreciate that I can't avoid chronic illness, but why not reduce the risk?


Most challenging part of the program and why? 

I really don’t find this program challenging. I realize I have a problem with food and I can’t fix it alone. I needed the guidance and encouragement of Dr. Constable and Nicole RD to tweak my approach and keep me going. I get something out of every session with them. 


Favorite meals or products that helped you to stay on track?

I love to cook, I find it very Zen-like, to pause and prepare a meal. If you tell me I can’t have something, like pizza, I’ll figure out how I can make it Keto-friendly, so then I don’t miss it. I like to make different recipes and generally make 3-5 day’s worth, when I do. So, I put a couple of helpings in the freezer for times when I’m too busy to cook. My wife is a vegetarian and totally on board with what I’m doing, so she’ll cook too. We always have keto snacks (candy bars, chips, pretzels) in the house and in the car, and we love to make salads. We don’t have non-Keto food like cookies, cakes, and other snacks in the house, so I’m never tempted to “cheat.” We also have frozen meat, chicken, fish, and mixed vegetables in the freezer and can whip up a meal in 10 minutes in the Air Fryer. When I’m not at home I enjoy the challenge of finding something healthy to eat. 


What changes have you noticed in your day to day health since losing the weight?

Dr. Constable says I have the bloodwork of an 18-year-old. My regular primary physician loves what I’ve accomplished too. I was on Blood Pressure medication, diuretics, and statins, which I no longer need. I still use my CPAP machine as I get a better sleep, but I don’t need it for a full 8-hours like I used to. My stamina is incredible. Two years ago, I could barely walk a block and never took the stairs in public places. Now I try to keep myself below 10,000 steps to avoid an injury but often walk more than that. I have a Nordic Track for inclement weather and a Total Gym for weight training.  I look forward to my morning exercise and weight training. I recently got a rowing machine which is a great workout. I like to mix up my exercise too, to keep it interesting. 

I’m an R.N. and have watched people with various chronic illnesses adapt their eating habits, although many don’t! I believe I have a chronic illness, food addiction! My favorite quote is from Thomas Huxley: “The most valuable result of all education is to make you do the things you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not.  It is the first lesson that ought to be learned. And however early a man’s (or woman’s) training begins, it’s probably the last lesson learned thoroughly.” I hope I’ve learned the lesson around healthy living!


If you could give advice to someone who is just starting out on the program or on the fence about starting, what would it be?

  1. Surround yourself with positive people who encourage your progress.
  2. Avoid situations like parties with food you want to avoid.
  3. Always bring along Keto-friendly snacks, no matter where you go.
  4. Find an exercise buddy if you can. It’s easier to exercise if you have a buddy
    encouraging you.
  5. Do some psychological exploration around why you want to be healthy and what’s
    getting in the way. I bet its stress!
  6. Track your food in whatever way is easiest for you. Don’t ever refer to it as a diet!
    I once asked Nicole if she thought I was going to keep the weight off. She said I was
    talking like someone who’s serious about changing their life.
    I asked what that meant?
    She said, “You no longer ask me when you can stop your diet and eat “normal” again.
    That says to me that you have shifted your paradigm around food, exercise, and healthy
    living! She was right. This is my new life.
  7. Try not to measure progress with the scale. There are too many factors that influence
    your weight. Instead, I focus on how my clothing fits. I’ve gone from wearing XL to
    Small, and 44” waist to 34” pants. Frankly it’s a somewhat surreal experience.
  8. Keep a picture of the fat you to show folks and remind yourself of how far you’ve come.
  9. Don’t talk about it except with folks who really want to change. There are a lot of folks
    who act interested to get you into a debate and rationalize that they’d rather be dead
    than be on a diet. I’m not out to change anyone. I don’t believe I can. But, when the
    student is ready, I’m happy to help. That’s how my friend helped me, and he encourages
    me to this day, so does my wife! Remember though, just being a role model for healthy
    living makes some people uncomfortable. When I’m at parties, I make my platter and go
    in the other room. I don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable or judged because I’m
    not eating bread, desserts, and high glycemic vegetables and fruit.
  10. When you get a compliment, pause, and let it sink in. Avoid saying things like, “I still
    have a lot more to go.” Learn to take a compliment, say thank you, and let it sink in that
    you’re doing GREAT and deserve to be proud of yourself!
  11. Bonus Comment: Treat yourself to some new clothing when you need it. Don’t walk around
    wearing clothing that’s too big on you! Show off your new body and celebrate your