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Sustained weight care is more than numbers on a scale. Hear from Diata members on what they love most about the weight care program.

Patient Success Story

Sydney M.

"Give it two weeks. That's all it took for me to be sold - from there, it was all downhill."

Age: 31

Starting weight (if comfortable sharing): 170

End weight (if comfortable sharing): 125

How did you hear about us? referred by a friend


What drove you to start the Diata program?

During the pandemic, I gained about 30 pounds over the course of a year, and when I got back bloodwork that said my cholesterol was high for the first time in my life, I knew I needed to do something to overhaul the way I was eating and just generally treating my body.


What tips, pieces of advice, or words of encouragement helped make you successful? 

I think the overall idea that this is a lifestyle change, not a diet, was super helpful to me in the long-term. It meant that I didn't have to totally cut anything out of my life or eat in ways that weren't going to be sustainable, I just had to think about the choices I was making, and remove the emotion from it.


Most challenging part of the program and why? 

The first two weeks, for sure! That initial change of "resetting" my body by eating on a strict schedule every day was tough because I was used to eating so much sugar and just grazing randomly throughout the day. But that was also the best way to jump in, I think, because now I know if I ever get off track and need a hard reset, I can just go back to that two-week program.


Favorite meals or products that helped you to stay on track?

My two biggest staples from the Diata program that have kept me on track have been the protein bars (I take them with me on every single trip) and the oatmeal (my go-to weekday breakfast). Other than that, my favorite Diata recipe is the slow-cooker chicken enchiladas. SO good.


What changes have you noticed in your day to day health since losing the weight?

More energy, just feeling better about myself in general (my confidence is way higher), and I have totally normal cholesterol across the board now as well.


If you could give advice to someone who is just starting out on the program or on the fence about starting, what would it be?

Give it two weeks. That's all it took for me to be sold - from there, it was all downhill :)