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Be kind to your body.

The beginning of spring is a great time to reset.

Whether you are just getting back from a fabulous holiday and went overboard with the guac and margarita, or are looking to breakthrough your winter weight plateau – our reboot cleanse is a great way to do a gentle reset and help your body process excess sugar in your system.

The 1-Day Reboot Cleanse:

The objective of this cleanse is to burn through excess glucose (sugar) in your muscles and glycogen (chains of glucose) in your liver. By using surplus sugar as energy, you are preventing it from being converted into fat cells and stored as energy for future use (ie fat). Once you use up all sugar in your system, your body will start to tap into existing fat cells for energy.

This cleanse is designed to detox the liver, silence your hunger hormones, and get your weight moving again. You will feel great.

How To:

  • Drink 6-8 Diata cold beverages throughout the morning and afternoon, and eat one balanced, whole food meal for dinner. Dinner should include protein (ask your medical team if you are not sure about amounts) and at least two vegetables, one hot and one cold. 
  • Optional: one Diata protein bar in the afternoon to keep your blood sugar in healthy ranges. Our bars are designed to elongate blood sugar curves and have the correct ratio of protein to fat to net carbs.
  • After dinner, if needed, continue to drink the high protein drink. Do not eat any other foods or snacks throughout the day (no chips, nuts, fruit, etc).
  • Limit coffee to 2 cups per day. Additional water is unlimited.

The cleanse is a great tool to burn through excess glucose in your system. It is a great tool to use when you have over-indulged but we don't recommend using this as a long-term strategy to weight loss. Think of it as another 'tool in your tool box' that you can use to course correct after over-indulging and to give your body some time to rest after putting extra stress on it (ie too much sugar, alcohol, etc). We want to be gentle with our bodies so doing a very short cleanse that is high in protein (and not high in sugar, like fruit juice cleanses) helps to give your body time to process the big spike of glucose in a way that does not lead to weight gain.

Example Cleanse Day:

  • Breakfast: coffee, 2 lemon cold beverages
  • Lunch: 2-3 lemon cold beverages (unlimited, as many as needed to feel full)
  • Afternoon Snack: milk chocolate caramel crunch bar + 2 peach mango cold beverages
  • Dinner: southwestern turkey burgers with a big salad of cherry tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, sweet peas, feta cheese, salted almonds, spring mix lettuce, and dressing. Plate with a side of crispy roasted Brussels sprouts with pistachios.

Currently in the program? Chat with your provider to see if this might be a good tool for you at this stage of your weight loss. If you would like to use this tool for more than 1 day, this can be very effective, but please consult your medical team as this should be monitored by a doctor.