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Change your habits, change your life. 

With crisp air and vibrant foliage, fall emerges as a timely reminder to embrace fresh starts, pull on cozy sweaters, and prioritize self-care. Whether you’re embarking on a new weight loss journey or reigniting an existing one, intertwining your goals with habit-stacking techniques can make a significant difference.

The Power of Habit Stacking: A Blueprint for Success

Let's jump right in — achieving your weight loss goals and optimal health can at times feel like an uphill battle. We are all creatures of habit and breaking old patterns while forming new ones can be daunting. We are here to help: introducing habit stacking. 

The Essence of Habit Stacking

At its core, habit stacking involves anchoring a new habit to an already established one. 

As James Clear explains in "Atomic Habits," it's all about recognizing the current habits that you do daily and then adding a new behavior onto this. 

By leveraging the power of existing habits, it becomes significantly easier to instill new ones. Most importantly, the new habits do not have to be huge, dramatic changes. Incorporating small daily changes will lead to tremendous transformation. 

5 New Habits To Add To Your Daily Routine 

  • Morning Hydration: If you currently brush your teeth every morning (we hope you do!), immediately follow this with drinking a big glass of water. Throw in a slice of lemon to aid with digestion and kickstart your metabolism.
  • Post-lunch Walks: After having lunch each day (an established daily routine), take a 10-minute walk outside. Ten minutes — that’s it. Keep it short and sweet so that it easily becomes part of your daily routine. This not only aids digestion but also breaks up the sedentary cycle of sitting at a desk all day. Treat yourself to ten minutes of a podcast, a walking mediation on YouTube or even a few minutes on TikTok or Instagram. Make it easy and enjoyable so that stepping outside for a few minutes after lunch becomes part of your routine. 
  • Veggies First: We love our veggies. To sneak in more essential vitamins, start each meal (an existing habit) by eating your vegetables first. Grab a handful of baby carrots or baby tomatoes for an extra easy win, or prep roasted veggies in bulk in advance.
  • Squat Time During TV Time: If your evening wind-down routine includes a show or two Netflix, do 10 squats at the start of every episode. Ten squats should take less than 1 minute so you can easily get these in during the ‘last episode recap.’ Done and done! 
  • Daily Gratitude Post Dinner: After eating dinner, take a moment or two to write down three things you're grateful for from the day. We are big proponents of self-care here. Cultivating a gratitude practice will reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing. Take a moment to yourself to pause and reflect on the big — and small — wins you’ve had for the day to help reinforce a positive self-image and positive relationship with self. You are on a journey of self-improvement and becoming your best future self. Celebrate each step forward as you move closer to becoming your best future self.

Key Takeaways 

Habit stacking is not about grandiose changes but about leveraging existing routines to embed new, positive behaviors seamlessly. 

As James Clear puts it: "habits are the compound interest of self-improvement." By stacking habits, especially related to health and weight loss, you're setting yourself up for long-term success. Every small effort counts, and over time, these efforts compound to deliver transformative results. 

You've got the blueprint. Now build your success, one habit at a time.