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All treats, no tricks here.

Your guide for a frighteningly delightful {on-plan} Halloween.

We love Halloween. The over-the-top decorations, the adorable 3 year old dressed up as spooky ghost, and the wild, Halloween costume-parties ... we love everything about holiday. So, how to celebrate without derailing your health and weight loss progress? We have you covered.

  • Focus on the non-food aspects of the holiday: carving pumpkins, decorating your front door step, throwing a killer Halloween dinner party. It's such a fun, creative holiday. Live it up by jumping 100% into all things Halloween (& not obsessing over candy.)
  • Get choosy. What's your favorite candy? If you live for Sour Patch Kids but you don't care about Snickers, skip the Snickers! Don't mindlessly eat the candy you don't even like. Choose one piece of your favorite treat and enjoy it! 
  • Set yourself up for success {do not tempt yourself!}: stock your home with healthier, spooky treats. Let's not buy your favorite candy and leave it on the kitchen table for you to see the moment you get home from work (...and are ravenously hungry). If you enjoy giving out treats on Halloween, great! Get the candy that doesn't tempt you, or tempts you the least. Put it in the closet or in a pillow case and leave it in the unopened bag until about an hour before trick-or-treaters show up. Let's keep it out of plain sight until the big night! 
  • Fill up in advance: don’t hand out candy, go trick-or-treating, or go to a Halloween parties hungry. Fill up on protein in advance and grab some easy snacks to have on-hand should you start to get peckish. 

  • Let's not let treats linger: donate leftover Halloween candy to Treats for Troops. Have a small one at home? Tell your little one about the switch witch. They get to choose one favorite treat and put the rest outside overnight for the switch witch to take in exchange for a special gift. 

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderfully spooky Halloween!