Walk Your Way Skinny

The science behind walking and weight loss.

5 Reasons to Start Walking Today.

At one time or another, we've all been convinced that a 5am spin class—or grueling HIIT workout—is the answer for weight loss. While I love a good sweat, these types of exercise are not actually the best activities to do to lose weight. 

Walking—and other gentle forms of cardio—are considered best in class for weight loss. Throw in some weight-lifting 2x per week and you have a great routine. That’s right: the infamous "hot girl walk" is evidenced-backed to boost your mood and slim out your waist line. 

Let's chat about specific benefits of walking: 

  • Brain health: walking has been shown to improve memory and aids in prevention of brain deterioration as we age. 
  • Mood booster: even just a 10 minute walk can relieve anxiety and boost mood. Bonus—go outside for an extra boost of dopamine. 
  • Blood sugar control: a brisk walk lowers blood sugar levels and creates more insulin sensitivity to cells which combats insulin resistance (quick reminder: if your cells are insulin resistant, you can eat perfectly and not lose weight. How frustrating is that?!). The Journal of Sports Medicine found that just a short 2-5 minute walk is sufficient to reduce blood sugar levels following a meal. Amazing. 
  • Decreased sugar cravings: clinical data shows that a 15 minute walk can reduce sugary-snack intake which can lead to less blood sugar spikes and less weight reduction. 
  • Increased immune function: no better time to get those steps in than with the uprise in COVID and flu cases going on! Walking for 20 minutes a day can result in 43% fewer sick days than those who exercise once or less per week. 

Weight loss: at the end of the day walking is considered an aerobic exercise and on average, burns about 200 calories per 30 minutes. It strengthens muscles in your legs and tones muscles in your abdomen, creating that lean and toned look—with minimal effort. 

Want to elevate your walks a bit? Change your pace and incline for a more aerobic effect. Here's how:

  • Add an incline if walking on a treadmill or pick a hilly trail if walking outside.  
  • Carry light weights to strengthen your arm muscles. 
  • Increase your speed/pace every time the chorus comes on for your favorite songs.
  • Bring a friend to chat with at a brisk pace. This can increase cardiac output! 

Losing weight does not need to include grueling workouts that you dread + leave you so sore that you don't want to move for days afterwards. The best exercise is the kind that you enjoy and consequently, want to do a few times per week. 

Here at Diata, we believe in sustainable weight loss and are here to change the narrative around losing weight.

Let's focus on more "all around movement" and embracing a life where you enjoy moving your body and feel good doing so while still seeing progress towards your goals.