How Virtual Appointments Work

We are so pleased with how virtual appointments are going — all appointments are being conducted via tele-medicine with tremendous success. As a quick refresher, we have outlined how tele-medicine visits work below.

Your appointment

• You will need a digital scale at home. The day of your appointment, step on the scale first thing in the morning and write it down.


• At the scheduled time of your appointment, Dr. Constable will call you. To keep your medical chart up to date, you will tell her your daily weight and then proceed to have a conversation (face-to-face) as you normally would during an in-person visit.


• Once the visit with Dr. Constable is completed, our receptionist will step-in to help you with payment (via credit-card) and to get you scheduled for your next appointment. She will also help you place an order for needed products or medication.


• Remember that our high protein products have a very long shelf life, so if at any time you cannot get protein products in the grocery store, this is a good alternative.


• You have two choices in how we will deliver products to you:

1. Products (as well as sheets and handouts) can be left on the doorstep of our side office door, and you can pick them up at your convenience. Just let us know when you are coming, and we will have these ready for you.

2. Products can be mailed you. (FedEx comes to the office daily.)


At the end of your visit, schedule your next appointment as telemedicine and select Skype, FaceTime, or a call.


Most patients choose FaceTime as it requires no set up. For those that do not have an iPhone, we recommend


How to use

• This is a healthcare-specific tele-health platform that requires no accounts or downloads.

• It is very easy to use: ahead of your appointment, please alert the team that you would like to have your appointment via doxy. We will send you the link for your visit ahead of your call. A few minutes before your call, click on the link to access your ‘online room.’ Follow the prompts on your screen. At your designated time, the doctor will meet you there virtually.


If you would like to use Skype, our Skype address is waconstable.

Yup – it’s this easy! Should you have any questions, please call us or email us. We are here to help in every way we can.