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Get to your dream weight, for good.

Coming up with NYE goals at the start of each year is a beneficial – and exciting – endeavor. The desire to constantly improve, grow and better ourselves is a worthwhile and commendable pursuit. Setting said goals into motion can be a completely different beast and often requires trial, error, and patience. 

With this in mind, we are here to encourage you to give yourself grace as you embrace this new lifestyle. New habits are not created overnight – but you can absolutely do this. Not quite hitting that mark on those new year resolutions? Here are some tips to help you reframe, reset and get to your goal.

  • Start smaller: It’s ok to reevaluate goals, start smaller and work up from there. Rome was not built overnight, and neither are new habits! 

  • Focus on what you ARE accomplishing: It's easy to get caught up in what we’re not doing well and lose sight of all of the wonderful changes we’ve made thus far. Keep a journal where you track your progress and give yourself credit for all of the good habits you keep on top of such as drinking water, eating vegetables, going on walks, limiting screen time, etc. 

  • Have an accountability partner: Reach out to a friend, family member or coworker and make a pack to hold each other accountable in the new year. This two-way encouragement will inspire you to push forward even on your hardest days.

  • Reset, reset, reset: If a few days, weeks, or even months go by without keeping up with your goals, don’t wait for the next “perfect” time to start. Everyday is a fresh opportunity to reset on those goals and start from scratch. No one is keeping count but you!

  • Personalization is the name of the game: If your NYE goals pertain to weight loss or optimizing your health, remember that what is working for your sister, spouse or best friend, might not be the best approach for you. Why? We all metabolize food differently based on myriad of factors: genetics, medical conditions, medical history, health of your microbiome, lifestyle, stress level, and so much more. Moreover, if you've hit a plateau but feel that you are 'eating healthily,' it is time to have a conversation with your provider. If appropriate, your medical team will advise you to have your bloodwork redone to look at hormone, vitamin and mineral levels as well as to check for underlying issues. Book an appointment and speak to your medical team to learn more.