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Cranberry Lime Spritzers


1 sparkling water, lime flavored

½ lime, fresh

½ lemon, fresh

2-3 Tbsp of diet cranberry juice

Garnish: fresh mint and lime wedge

How to prepare

- Pour lime flavored sparkling water over ice

- Add the juice of ½ lime and ½ lemon

- Pour to the top with diet cranberry juice and stir

- Garnish with lime wedge and mint

Tips & tricks


Be sure to use club soda or sugar free seltzer water, not tonic water. Tonic water looks very similar but has added sugar.


In order to prevent the drink from becoming too watered-down, prepare the pitcher and add ice just before serving.


To serve as an alocholic beverage, simply add one shot of vodka, and enjoy!


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Easy to prepare

and made in less than 5 minutes