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Cucumber Avocado Salad


8 Persian cucumbers, organic

1/2 ripe avocado (must be very soft so you can mash it easily with a fork)

1/3 tsp pink salt

Black pepper

Optional: white sesame seeds or red pepper flakes

How to prep

- Wash and dry the cucumbers. Using a vegetable peeler, remove the majority of cucumber skin, leaving some on for visual aesthetics and texture; if desired, you can also deseed the cucumber, but it is not necessary.

- Cut cucumbers into small pieces by cutting lengthwise into strips and then chopping into smaller, half-inch pieces.

- Mix cucumbers and salt in a bowl, and place into a colander for 10-15 minutes to drain excess water. Why? Doing this will help to keep the salad nice and crunchy.

- Cut up the avocado and place into a small bowl. Using the back of a fork, mash into a smooth consistency.

- Once cucumbers are drained, transfer them into a medium-sized bowl and toss (i.e. mix gently) with the mashed avocado until evenly coated.

- Finished with a few grinds of pepper and white sesame seeds. Add additional salt and red pepper flakes as desired.

Tips & tricks


We recommend enjoying this recipe the same day it is prepared. Because cucumbers have such a high concentrate of water, they can get soggy when chopped and stored overnight in the the refrigerator.


Spicy: To make this dish spicy, top with crushed red pepper flakes to your desired level of heat.


Why salt the cucumbers? By removing excess water, you concentrate their bright, cucumber-y flavor and maintain the enjoyable crunchiness of the salad.

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Great as a snack

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Easy to prepare

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